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VidZone secures Placebo exclusive, new features in September

Submitted by on Monday, 17 August 2009One Comment

VidZoneVidZone has secured a timed exclusivity for two brand new music videos from Placebo’s latest album; Battle For The Sun.

The two tracks, ‘The Never Ending Why’ and ‘Ashtray Heart’, will be available for everyone to watch for the first time this Wednesday, and follows recent exclusives from U2 and The Prodigy.

The service is clearly taking off, and in a new interview with, VidZone Digital Media has revealed that many labels have in fact been approaching them for special deals:

We had to approach the major record labels to begin with but now it’s a case of labels coming back to us and saying ‘okay, how can you lead the music video strategy for the new music release of our artists?’

So what else is there to look forward to in the future? According to the company, paid content is on the timeline:

We’ll make some announcements in the near future about a number of different services and elements we’re going to be adding. Some of which revolve around more paid for items associated with music. We are exploring opportunities about interacting with other music related products around the music video. Whether they are available free or are charged is still being debated.

Furthermore, we can expect new features in September, including videos in the standard 16:9 widescreen format, improved search functions, and support for remote keyboards.

All of those enhancements have been requested by the gaming community, and we are glad to see that feedback is being considered when developing the software further.

Sony have also expressed their surprise and delight by how big of a positive reaction VidZone has received. They also say that they wish to introduce community aspects to the service, similar to what has been done for their SingStar and Buzz! franchises.

But VidZone’s top priority right now is to expand the service to more regions, and news on this is actually due shortly.

So can we expect to see any of these announcements from the company at Gamescom? Apparently they do have some plans for the event, so be sure to check out our coverage of Sony’s conference here at PS3 Attitude!