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Want Serious Sam on the PSN? Sign the petition

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 August 2009One Comment

Serious SamThough a PS3 version of Croteam’s Serious Sam was once very much on the cards, it appears the Croatian studio are a little strapped for cash at the moment and therefore will not be porting the PC favourite over to Sony’s console.

If you’re a little disgruntled at the thought of only 360 fans getting the chance to rid the world of Notorious Mental as Sam “Serious” Stone then, fear not, there’s a way of letting them know. There’s now a petition underway where you can voice your support for the FPS getting some PSN love.

The thing about petitions is that they’re easy to sign and not always a realistic reflection of the actual support of any particular cause. Why, we regularly sign petitions to get Danny to take his meds more often despite knowing it’s never going to happen.

A strong response might however give the studio an inkling of just what kind of sales they could anticipate if the title was re-started for the PSN. Or they’ll just ignore it and focus on their current workload. It could go either way.