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Write a MAG speech, have it immortalised in new trailer

Submitted by on Saturday, 8 August 2009No Comment

MAGThere’s nothing quite like a rousing speech to get the blood pumping.

Usually delivered by a fat combat-shy leader just as you’re about go over the top, it’s also quite often the last thing you’ll hear before receiving an ignoble bullet from a spawn-camper.

Knowing full well the importance of words in the art of war, SCEE’s James Gallagher has posted over at the official EU blog and called upon all the Winston Churchills, William Wallaces and Scolar Visaris out there to put pen to paper and create an inspirational and stirring speech for the next MAG trailer.

The winners will not only have their words immortalised on the internet forever, there’s also some swag up for offer. As fans of swag, we approve this patriotic message.

The full terms are laid out quite nicely over at the official EU blog but, in general, you are asked to acknowledge MAG’s factional setting with an oration that takes into account the three PVCs’ particular ethoses. You must also stay within a thirty word limit and not cuss like a drunken sailor — which pretty much excludes most of the writers here at PS3 Attitude from entering.

The creators of the new trailer will pick ten of their favourite speeches and have them professionally recorded with each winning orator picking up an undecided prize.