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PS3 Attitude announce three new writers

Submitted by on Monday, 7 September 200913 Comments

PS3A-CanPS3 Attitude is pleased to welcome on board three new writers. Like the rest of our team, they are giving up their time free of charge to deliver the news to you and help us raise more money for charity.

In addition to our new writers, we’re further expanding our operation to include a number of back-office volunteers who will be helping to maintain our presence across social networks, such as Facebook for example.

So who are these awesome individuals?

First of all, please welcome Echo307 to the fold.

Once upon a time, Echo307 was just a casual gamer playing his Nintendo Entertainment System every now and then. That was until the original PlayStation came along, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“Now, be it playing, blogging, reading or researching, if it involves analog sticks and a D-Pad, I’m there.”

Echo307’s favourite constellation is the Big Dipper (also called Ursa Major/Great Bear) “because it can be used to find the ever important North Star, assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere. As for the people in the southern hemisphere… well, I guess they’re just out of luck aren’t they?”

Another of our new additions comes in the form of Delriach.

Delriach has recently earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and his love of gaming helped him get through the experience relatively unscathed. In fact, he did research on the positive outcomes of playing video games while taking note of the flaws of the other (negative) studies that are prevalent in the media.

“I think video games can be used as a coping mechanism and I hope I can get that message out there one day to balance the negative media and to help people.”

Delriach’s favourite constellation is Sagittarius because “it is really the only one I know about. My fiancee is a Sagittarius and always mentions that she sees it all the time when she is in Mexico and that it makes her happy.”

Last but not least please say a big hello to McLovin_099.

Apart from having a cool moniker, McLovin_099 has been an avid PlayStation fan for many years, almost to the point of obsession. A screenplay writer in his spare time, he and his brothers used to fight over a Sega MegaDrive before they got old enough to get their own gaming consoles. “My other love apart from gaming is film. In fact I’m quite the film buff”.

McLovin_099’s favourite constellation is Libra because “I am a Libra, but also this is the symbol of The Scales and I think everything in life is about balance.”

In addition to the new writers, we have taken on five other volunteers who make up our Social Networking team. They will be responsible for looking after out various Internet presences such as our Facebook Group, our PlayFire Group and all the news aggregation sites that carry our content. We’ll be introducing them all to you in more detail soon.

And if you were wondering why we chose to ask about our new writers’ favourite constellations, the answer is simple. Our team are a bunch of stars in their own right for giving up their time without payment to further the cause of PS3 Attitude…

Say hello to your new writers in the comments – they’ll be stoked to hear from you.