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Battle Tanks on PSN inbound

Submitted by on Thursday, 3 September 20092 Comments

Battle Tanks PSN 1Remember the classic Combat2600 on your old school Atari? No? Well, two players would navigate their blocks (tanks) around a board filled with walls and attempt to destroy each other. Back in the day, it was a blast!

Gameloft has decided to bring that classic gameplay back with Battle Tanks, a rocket filled playground where the last tank standing is victorious.

With both single and multiplayer modes, such as Death match and Capture the Flag, Battle Tanks is fun for the entire family. For those of you who enjoy flying solo, there are 50 different levels to complete in the single player campaign.

Using a variety of rockets, flame throwers, and trajectory bullets, you must elimiate the opposing tank before they do the same to you. If you’re in a game with a few friends and do happen to be the first tank blown to smithereens, you can continue to rain fury down on those who wronged you with gun turrets.

Be sure to check the PSN Store later this month when Battle Tanks is released.

Battle Tanks PSN 2