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Capcom celebrates one year anniversary of Mega Man 9 – UPDATED

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 September 20093 Comments

Mega ManSeptember 22nd marks the one year anniversary of Mega Man 9. Capcom has informed us that they plan on doing something special to celebrate.

We won’t find out what Capcom is plotting to do for a few more hours, so until then, let’s speculate!

More Mega Man 9 DLC? That would be nice, but it’s very doubtful.

How about Capcom revealing the secret of MM9? Nope. They specifically stated that won’t happen.

Maybe the celebration has nothing to do with MM9 at all and is just about the blue bomber himself? Mega Man Legends on the PSN? Yes please!

Of course, this is all speculation. Chances are that the celebration won’t be anything big, but it’s always nice to see this classic set of pixels in some capacity.

We’ll keep you updated here, so stay tuned and keep hitting refresh…

[UPDATE]: Capcom has revealed that they will be not be making any announcements, but they will be holding a contest.

All you need to do is make something original that shows your passion for Mega Man. What will you win?

15 runners-up will receive Mega Man 9 for any system of their choice. Pretty nice, but we’re sure passionate Mega Man fans already purchased the game the second it was released. Don’t worry, Capcom got you hardcore fans covered.

The first place prize is the legendary Mega Man 9 collectible item:


Yes, Capcom will be giving away a Mega Man 9 press kit as the grand prize. This item is extremely rare and goes for a very high price on ebay. It’s a must have item for any true Mega Man fan.

Submit your creation by sending a message here to Capcom. The contest ends on October 2nd, so act fast!

Updated: September 22, 2009

Capcom has revealed that they are holding a contest for the chance to win a big prize. Make sure you read our updated details on how to enter.