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Free Realms finally gets a PS3 release date…kinda

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 September 2009No Comment

free-realms-partyFree Realms was released to the PC last April to great success, reaching one million users just 18 days after its release and two million after a month. We were told that a PS3 version of the game was to come but we were never given a release date. We’ve waited patiently but alas nothing has come up…until now that is.

Speaking at GDC Austin, Sony Entertainment Online President John Smedley answered the question that was on everyone’s mind. When would Free Realms come to the PS3? The answer?

“It’s next year sometime, toward the middle of the year.”

So there you have it. Some time mid-2010 is when the game will be available to PS3 users. He also stated that the PS Eye was something the team was looking into for the PS3 version. Sounds good to us. At least we’ll now know whether hotchick37 is a girl or actually some creepy dude in disguise.