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The Homerun – 10th September 09; Robot Chicken, SingStar and Arsenal

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 September 20092 Comments

New_HomerunWelcome back to another Homerun PlayStation fans! This week we will be giving you more news and views on all the new content for PlayStation Home that has arrived and been announced for Europe and North America.

So lets start with all the new content arriving in Europe this week.

Robot Chicken is a show that may not be familiar to all of you, but it’s a sketch show on Adult Swim and created by comedian Seth Green, or also known as the son of Austin Powers and voice of Chris in Family Guy.

Several episodes are now available at the PlayStation Home theatre in Europe only.

But that is not all of course, as Europeans will also be able to buy the official Arsenal Football Club kit from the Shopping Centre. This really is a big surprise for us, and hopefully the start of many official sports kits to arrive in Home – Manchester United anyone?

There are also several new costumes for other themes including Resident Evil 5 if you have any spare cash.

Finally this week, Europe, as well as North America, are getting support for game launching on Buzz! Quiz TV, as long as you have the disc in your machine obviously – so that’s good news for all you knowledgeable people.

North American content is a bit dry this week, with the only additional piece of content to keep you occupied for the next two weeks in the form of a collection of costumes.

A good thing then that Europe and North America will both get SingStar rooms on the 24th of September!

These were announced way back at Gamescom and to be honest we were not expecting them so soon.

Above you can see the trailer for the space, and we’re sure you will agree that it should be the very first room that you visit when they become available. But what the trailer doesn’t tell you is that the dance floor will actually choose what music to play based on the style the majority of avatars are dancing to – cool.

There is also a Jukebox where you can vote for your favourite tracks, and a SingStar music quiz with some nice rewards waiting to be unlocked.

So that is it for this week’s Homerun. A modest content update this week I’m sure you’ll agree, but there is also a lot to look forward to with the SingStar rooms and the v1.3 update around the corner.