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Japanese PS Store Highlights For September 3rd – Zebras In America

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 September 2009No Comment

JP_PSNWe don’t know how it happened (honestly*) but Afrikan zebras have been spotted in America.  The sound of hooves are driving us insane.  One of the cooler additions of firmware 3.0 were dynamic themes, one of which we saw in motion already (we’ve called it ‘Globetrotting Sackboy’) and was available for purchase since September 1st for a price.

However, ‘Afrika Theme Zebra’ was also available on the 1st in Japan for free.  That may explain the penetration of these black and white equids to American soil.  This week a third theme is available, PixelJunk Monsters, but you already know all about it.  Other than that, Japan’s Store offerings are slim this week.  Not even a PSone classic for crying out loud!

There’s a short, but rather cool Gomibako (Trash Panic!) video featuring various in-game items being smashed.  All that smashing illustrates the smashing of Gomibako’s Japanese price; very clever.  The Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ratchet and Clank 2 videos are outdone by the wackiness of Everybody’s Sukkiri video.  Sure this is video of a PSP game, but you should watch it anyway.  This is one of those only in Japan kind of promo videos you never get to see, plus the game looks pretty fun.  Worthy of an import?  You decide.

*PS3 Attitude staff writer had his fingers crossed while typing this whole post.  Honestly.