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Life with PlayStation; World Heritage channel – the world in motion

Submitted by on Thursday, 3 September 2009One Comment

life_image_topWe’re not quite sure how we missed this when it was added to Life With PlayStation a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never, eh?

The new World Heritage channel on Life With PlayStation is the PS3 version of Sony’s ‘Alpha CLOCK’ project. “What is that when it’s at home?”, we hear you cry…

You may be aware already of Sony’s Alpha range of digital SLR cameras, taking on the might of long established camera brands such as Canon and Nikon. But what you may not know is Sony recently started an artistic project with film director, Yuji Nukui.

Nukui-san was tasked with visiting locations from UNESCO’s World Heritage List across the globe, taking in sights from France, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

Whilst there, he is set to use the Alpha dSLR cameras to capture the location at different times of day. Whilst the effect of this project can be seen at the CLOCK Project website, the PS3 takes these stunning photographs in a different direction.

Plotting each location on the 3D globe, you are greeted with a short description of the location and a thumbnail of the image captured. You can also see what time that image was captured, and these images update every two hours.

A click of the button takes you through to the Wikipedia article for that location so you can learn more about it, but if you’re feeling more like a global traveller, you’ll want to press the Start button instead. Doing so delivers a ‘Google Earth’ style tour of each location and an almost full-screen edition of the current picture.

Of course, whilst you’re browsing the various channels within Life with PlayStation, whether it be the LIVE channel, the new World Heritage site or the United Village area, you’ll be helping to find a cure for various illnesses via Folding@Home.

And remember, if you want to ‘fold’ for the PS3 Attitude Team, you’ll find all the details on how to join in our Goodies section.