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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Details Released

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 September 20092 Comments

Callofdutymodernwarfare2boxartTo say that the previous Call of Duty title that Infinity Ward developed was a success would be the understatement of the century.  For a lot of gamers it set new benchmarks on what they should expect from on-line shooters.  It was reviewed very well, it sold like crazy and it’s still one of the most popular on-line games you can find.

Rather than going in to great depth about everything the original Modern Warfare title had to offer, how about we move on and tell you about some of the things the new Modern Warfare title has to offer?

Infinity Ward has been very hush-hush when it comes to releasing details about their newest project.  Sure, they’ve given us bits and pieces of information about the single-player campaign, but details about their on-line options have been limited.

Many of you have seen the multiplayer video that was released by IW a while back and started to draw your own conclusions.  Thankfully, now we have some concrete facts about what exactly we’ll be seeing on-line.

We’ll start with customizable kill streaks.  Any vets of COD4 will vividly remember the kill streak bonuses.  They came in increments of 3, 5 and 7.  3 got you a UAV drone to scout the map for enemies.  5 got you a precision air strike at the target of your choice.  7 netted you a helicopter that would circle the map and mow down enemies.

IW took what was great and made it even better by adding more of these.  Now, 4 kills will get you a ‘care-package’ which will drop one of several things via-parachute.  It could be something amazing like a kill streak boost, which gives you a little push towards accessing a greater kill streak reward without actually killing anyone… or it might just be ammo.  The contents are completely random, so with every care-package you open you might find something different.

See some poor unsuspecting schmo about to get a care-package of his own?  Well if you send him to meet his maker before it lands, it’s all yours.


It wasn't me...

Other new kill streak milestones are set at 6, 9 and 11.  The best part about these new increments is you get some control over what they unlock for you.  The downside is that you can only take 3 in to a match with you, but that’s also customizable.  If you’re not the type of player that racks up 10+ streaks all the time, you may only want to take streaks 3, 4 and 5.  Unfortunately, if you take those low numbered streaks and then actually manage to get 11 kills, you don’t get anything extra for it.

So we hear you asking, “what happens if you do make it to 11?”  Good question, and we have a good answer:  AC-130 Gunship.  Remember the mission from COD4 titled, ‘Death From Above’?  Yeah, that was an AC-130, and if you can muster 11 kills with no deaths in the process, you get to take complete gun control of one of those bad boys.  Your body is exposed while you pilot it from a briefcase and it can be shot down with an RPG, but we’re guessing it’s pure joy to operate while it lasts.

So you’re probably wondering, with all these new kill streaks what’s to stop the top-dogs of the on-line world from being unstoppable?  IW thought of that.  To help maintain balance, they’ve also implemented death streaks.  From the sounds of it death streaks can also be swapped and customized, but the 2 that have been officially rolled out are called ‘painkiller’ and ‘copycat’.  Painkiller gives you triple the health, while copycat allows you to steal the loadout of the last person that killed you.  You gain these be dieing at least 3 times in a row without a kill.  Nothing like an even playing field, eh?

Moving on, something else that was shown was the ability to get rid of those pistols you never use.  There’s now a perk that allows you to swap them out for something with a little more beef.  Ever dreamt of carrying an M4 and a Spaz Shotgun at the same time?  Dream no more, as it’s now a reality.  You can even still use attachments with your secondary weapons regardless of how powerful they are.

One of the few complaints people had with the first title was how abundant the grenades were, especially for experienced players.  The 3X Frag perk has been done away with, and if you’re the type of player that doesn’t want grenades at all, you can ditch them for something more fun.  Timed SEMTEX explosives and throwing knives are a couple of the items you can use instead, but there’s also something called ‘Tactical Insertion.’  It appears as nothing more than a flare when you first throw it, but even after the flame burns out it stays on the map.  The next time you die, you’ll spawn wherever it’s at.  Very useful if you don’t want to have to trek all the way to your favorite spot in the middle of the map every time you die.


Riot shield? More like bullet shield.

One of our favorite parts of playing multiplayer in COD4 was ranking up.  There was just something completely bad ass about that hard rocking guitar chord that played when you finally hit the next level.  In MW2, one of the things that will help you get there faster is experience boosters.  They give an additional jump in experience points and there’s a bunch of ways to get them.  Taking someone out right before they achieve a kill streak, seeking revenge on the last player that killed you or getting the last kill of the match are a few.  But from what we’re hearing it doesn’t end there, as it seems like there are a ton of these to be had.

Speaking of ranking up, the ranking system now goes all the way to 70.  If that’s not enough, the prestige mode has been brought back but now it actually gets you something you can use.  Unfortunately they haven’t told us what yet, but it is ‘something’.

Also being hyped is the use of call signs.  Call Signs allow other people to see your style of play before actually playing with you.  They’re emblems and phrases that go next to your PSN ID, and they correspond to what you do in the game.  If you’re constantly racking up sniper kills, your call sign will give others fair warning.  Not a lot of details were made about these, but it seems like a way to give the other team an idea of what they’re up against before the battle commences.

As we wrap things up, we’ve got good news and bad news.  The bad news is that there will be no public beta.  The good news is that the game is only a couple of short months away, so you don’t have long to wait.

Until then, keep your eyes and ears on us as we’ll be bringing you all the updated info we can get our grubby paws on.