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New Assassin’s Creed II details; the birth of an assassin

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 September 20093 Comments

TGSAssassinsCreedIIScreen1Assassin’s Creed II is going to be bigger, better, and more in depth than its Knights Templar predecessor. Discussed during a Q&A with Creative Director Patrice Desilets include the progression of Ezio from child to master assassin, locations, as well as the different characters you will encounter in your quest for revenge…

For starters, players will not only see Ezio but be able to control him as he learns the ropes of becoming an assassin. To learn skills, you’ll have to achieve specific requirements and meet central characters who teach you valuable skills used to dispose of your enemies. Not only will you physically evolve, but mentally as well. Ezio’s values and sense of morals will form as he strives to complete his quest. Perhaps this could involve good or bad decisions as the story progresses? Maybe death is not the only option for your targets?


You know what they say about the real estate business; location, location, location. Assassin’s Creed II is no different as it will feature a variety of locals in which you’ll be lurking in the shadows and being the harbinger of death. In addition to the city streets of Renaissance Italy and Rome, you’ll be able to visit the Auditore Family Villa, in the city of Monteriggioni.

As Ezio, you will be able to invest in renovations, bringing the city back to its former glory. You may also choose to redecorate the Villa Auditore with famous renaissance paintings, stock your weapons and armor, and store a variety of collected objects. Any improvement to the city will help develop the local economy, rewarding you with periodic income, which can be reinvested in the city or used elsewhere in the game. In addition, Monteriggioni hides many secrets. Ezio will be able to discover some secrets about his family’s past and many other surprises for players that will look into the most hidden areas of the Villa.

As you travel across Italy, you’ll run into the many ruling families that you’ll have to take down to restore order to the people. In Venice, you’ll encounter the Doges; in Florence, the Medici; and in Rome, you’ll be going up against the one and only Pope Alexander the 6th. Will we have to take down one of the most powerful figureheads of the Renaissance? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Contrary to the belief that assassins work alone, you’ll have assistance from the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci. He provide Ezio with weapons, inventions, and anything else you can think of to aid you in your mission. Since he is not a killer like Ezio, tension will grow between the two as he questions just what is going on with this mysterious character.