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PixelJunk Dynamic Theme on PS Store

Submitted by on Saturday, 5 September 20093 Comments

PixelJunk-DynamicA third PlayStation 3 dynamic theme has been released onto the PlayStation Network, this time in both Japan and North America where for just 200 yen or $2.99, you can purchase a cool PixelJunk Monsters edition and it’s quite impressive.

The support for dynamic themes was introduced in firmware 3.0 and so far from what we have seen they will really enhance the PlayStation 3 experience – wallpapers are so last-gen!

We are really excited and enthusiastic about what awesome themes we will see down the line and we hope you are too.

The other two themes available for gamers are a LittleBigPlanet one for $2.99 on the North American store, which is the one we saw on the early v3.0 demo, and a free Afrika one in Japan that is full of Zebras.

So tell us what you think of the PixelJunk theme in the comments and whether the price is fair or too expensive.