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Nike Creates the PlayStation Shoe

Submitted by on Sunday, 20 September 200910 Comments

playstation_trainer_a_qjgenthHave you ever been getting dressed for the day, but just felt like your wardrobe wasn’t complete because you didn’t have a pair of PlayStation-themed shoes?  Of course you have, what sane gamer hasn’t?

Now, Nike offers the solution.It might seem a little strange to see such a thing but Nike has actually done this before.  Before you grab your wallet and go rushing off to your nearest shoe store, you should know that only 24 of these are being made, and they’re not being released to the public.

Ron Eagle Sony Director of Product Quality for the PlayStation Brand talks about how this idea came about.

“When I got the call and was told that they wanted to make a shoe, of course the first thing I asked was … what kind? They told me they were working on a new training shoe, one that would be technically very advanced, but would harken back to some of the great training shoes from their past, like the ones worn by Bo Jackson and John McEnroe. As soon as they said the word McEnroe – I was completely sold as the original Air Trainer 1, is one of my all time favorite shoe designs and something I remember wearing to school.

It started from there, asking me about favorite colors, and anything that I did or didn’t like. The designers are just so good at taking input and making really slick creative choices, that when the line drawings come over, I’m just stunned. As you already know, we like to do things that haven’t been done or are totally unique and that was one of the things that the guys at Nike knew that they wanted to do when they asked me what I liked.”


While it’s likely these shoes will only be given to employees, who knows?  Maybe we’ll see one on eBay some day.  Any of you have any interest in picking them up should they decide to mass produce?