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PlayStation classics: Where are they now?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 September 200910 Comments

tmb_sweettoothThroughout the years, Sony has released numerous games onto the PlayStation Store. Despite the growing collection, there are some glaring omissions to the PlayStation 3 experience that just makes me wonder why certain games haven’t been released yet.

Which classic franchises would you love to see make their return in HD on the PS3?

One of the first games I ever played on the original PlayStation was a demo of WipEout and I have bought almost every release from this franchise since that point. Naturally when the game made the jump to the PlayStation 3, I was not only excited, but I unconsciously made a wishlist in my head for titles I would love to see return.

Here are my top 3 games I would love to see make their PS3 debut:

Jet Moto


Jet Moto HD with Pepsi ads? Yes please!

Three games into the Jet Moto series on the PS1 and we’ve never heard from it again. Not only has this series not been properly continued, but it has been re-released onto the PlayStation Network only to tease the fans.

There are many things about this franchise that was done right. I still listen to many of the songs from Jet Moto while playing WipEout HD because they are interesting and intense. The race tracks were also extremely well done and kept you guessing, and there were numerous ways to go about completing a race. There was something about the game that just felt rewarding while playing.

It is so easy to picture this game in HD and done like WipEout on the PS3. A slick interface with buttery smooth gameplay and online play? Why hasn’t this been made yet?

Twisted Metal


Yeah, that's not an ice cream cone he's holding...

This popular series is an obvious choice. Unlike Jet Moto, Twisted Metal has actually been on all PlayStation Platforms except for the PS3.

While Twisted Metal fans force themselves to forget that Twisted Metal 3 and 4 ever existed, the franchise overall has provided great experiences with memorable characters. Twisted Metal 2 had interesting character designs, unlockables, great music, ironic twists, and fun gameplay and improved upon the original title tremendously.

The series returned to greatness with a much darker mature game called Twisted Metal Black, but it still showcased the same elements that were crucial to the Twisted Metal experience, but on the PS2.

When the series made its debut onto the PlayStation Portable it took the elements of Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black to create an extremely fun car combat game. The online play was expanded from TMB Online and it definitely gave fans what they wanted with co-op online play. The return to Paris was also some great fan service that not only provided nostalgia but a new take on the level itself.

In Twisted Metal Head-on Extra Twisted Edition for the PS2, there was a hidden message in the documentary that revealed that the series is indeed coming to the PlayStation 3. How long will it be until the game is formally announced? This series is just begging to be released as a title with insane Online Multiplayer capabilities.

Intelligent Qube ( Also known as Kurushi in Europe)


If you go over the edge, you will fall to a never ending pitch black death. How cool is that?

From the iconic announcer saying “PERRRRRFECT!” to the beautifully epic music that plays as you frantically and meticulously avoid getting squashed, this series needs to be released so that PSN users can compared their IQ worldwide.

While this series may have ended for some fans after the very first game on the original PlayStation, it actually has been on every PlayStation platform. On the PlayStation there was Intelligent Qube and I.Q. Final. The PS2 had I.Q. Remix+: Intelligent Qube, and the PSP had I.Q. Mania.

The Japan PlayStation Store actually has Intelligent Qube and I.Q. Final available for purchase, so if you have some extra yen laying around, definitely try to get your hands on one of these titles. Sony seems to be aware of the existence of the series, so what is the hold up on making a new game?

Add a level creation mode to share puzzles on the PSN, online competitive play, leaderboards, throw in characters like Sackboy, guy from echochrome, and other PlayStation icons, and this could be one of the best puzzle games ever.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want Intelligent Qube HD Remix+ Ultimate Edition?

These classic games would be a welcome addition to the PlayStation lineup next to titles like Warhawk and WipEout HD. Jet Moto, Twisted Metal, and Intelligent Qube have been away for such a long time that there are just so many possibilities due to the advancement of hardware since they’ve been gone. Such an opportunity should not be wasted and fans are waiting.

So what classic games would you like to see make their PlayStation 3 debut? It doesn’t have to be just Sony developed titles. Would you love for Square Enix to make a Parasite Eve for the PS3? How about a new Tomba (Tombi in EU)? Do games like Alundra still have a place on the console market, or is it more of a handheld type game?  Let me know what you think, I will be keeping track and replying to most of your comments.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m new around here.  I like to be very active in the communities that I am a part of, so expect to see me making lots of comments! This is just the start, and I hope you enjoy what I bring to PS3 Attitude.