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Potential PS3 Features Spotted at CEDEC 2009

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 September 2009No Comment

CEDECCEDEC 2009, the largest conference for game developers in Japan, was held at the start of September.

One of the things that came out of the conference was a series of demonstrations Sony presented on the floor. With some awesome concepts harbouring massive potential shown at the event, it was only recently we got hold of the footage via DigInfo.

Four videos are presented in this article for you to check out. We heartily recommend doing so, as we really feel that these will become features on the PS3 sooner or later.

The first, seen up top, is the ‘High-Resolution Image Enlargement Technology’ used on the PS3 browser. This enables the player to zoom into a spot on the page and keep going.

And going.

Basically, you can zoom into the page as much as you like, with a ‘tree-like’ structure allowing a variety of branching pages. The concept is impressive and the technology shown seems pretty robust in the demo.

The Physics Effects SDK was also shown; a Physics Simulation toolset designed specifically with the CellBE in mind. It could make integrating physics into games a more straightforward process than it has been up to now. This could be massively useful for those smaller developers who do not have access to the likes of the Havok Engine.

Next up is the video library for the PSEye, specifically designed for face recognition and tracking facial movement. In the demo, augmented reality is the order of the day – giving people real-time beaks, cartoon heads etc. It can also recognise specific faces, which is a pretty awesome concept – imagine the game you are playing immediately changing to your own avatar when  it ‘sees’ you.

We wonder how this ties in with the expression recognition stuff that was talked about recently… having seen the demo here, it’s not too much of a leap to imagine this being done pretty easily.

It’s not the only recognition software that was on display, either. The voice recognition technology that has been integrated into SingStar was also being demonstrated. While we have had the technology available and in use for some time, it is the further development potential it holds that has us really excited.

SingStar is great fun, but it can occasionally be cheated by just humming the melody. Imagine if the game were actually listening to how you sang the song and grading you based on your imitation of the performer?

Check out the videos and let us know what you think in the comments.