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Out with the old, in with the new; PS3 boxart evolves

Submitted by on Wednesday, 2 September 20096 Comments

US-PS3-Boxart-RatchetWe understand that PS3 boxart isn’t amongst the most interesting topics but since Sony has completely redesigned the PlayStation 3, and its logos, they would have to change the style of the branding on games to suit.

We now have a full proper look at the revised design which was released onto the PlayStation Blog today.

It appears we were not supposed to see it in full just yet because it has now disappeared, but good job we got in there before they took it down.

Sony has ditched the PLAYSTATION 3 text on the side, and instead put the new PS3 logo at the top on a black background in a similar way to the PS2.

A PSN logo is also at the top right just like there is for XBL on the Xbox 360’s boxart.

A bigger size preview of what's new

A bigger size preview of what's new

Although this is the North American one, it is unlikely that it will change that much for other markets, but we certainly will not be going back to the old design.

We kind of miss the long logo that used to show in the old design because it was very unique, but we also appreciate the clean look of this new one.

Sony have said before that they want to “go back to their roots”, and so this design is very suiting because it’s similar to the PlayStation 2 branding.

Give us your thoughts as always in the comments below.