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PS3 will “significantly outpace PS2”, says Sony

Submitted by on Saturday, 5 September 2009One Comment

PS3&PS3slimSony has been speaking to Edge magazine where they have made some interesting comments regarding the PlayStation 3.

Game companies and analysts in the past have predicted that the current generation of consoles will last longer than previously, and Andrew House, head of SCEE shares this view, at least for the PS3 anyway.

He has expressed his belief that the PlayStation 3 lifecycle will “significantly outpace” the PlayStation 2:

If you look at the PS2, still in some markets going very strong, especially in North America in its tenth year on the market, we still can’t predict where that lifecycle will end. I have a theory that with successive generations, and with more value added and built into the console in terms of experience – and let’s not forget that the PS2 really didn’t offer a tremendously robust network experience – that what you effectively do is potentially lengthen that lifecycle more and more as you get to the next iteration.

The presence of the PlayStation Network means that as broadband speeds increase, and users shift their interest to downloading titles instead of buying on discs, developers can easily and more frequently release full games straight onto the store. This will help the PS3 because it can do that straight out of the box.

The new motion controller could also be a benefit to the product lifecyle if it is successful.

Obviously House isn’t saying that the PlayStation 3 will sell more than its predecessor, but you can’t rule that possibility just yet. It is very hard to predict what the future will bring, and whether it can be achieved.