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Want a PS3 Slim but not in black? Colorware to the rescue

Submitted by on Saturday, 12 September 20092 Comments

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!Those crazy cats over at Colorware are up to their old tricks once again.

Not content with “colourising” the original PS3 when it came out back in 2006, the custom console company (we like alliteration here) have now turned their paint covered hands to the new PS3 Slim.

The level of customisation on offer here is truly mind-blowing. You can give a different colour to the top, bottom, logo and have matching (or not – whatever) controllers. And with 46 colours to choose from … that’s a serious amount of personalisation.

Send in your Slim and have it pimped for $149 (depending on the type and number of colours – the price can rack up further depending on your tastes), or Colorware will actually provide you with one for $449. One “colourised” controller is also included in the price though each one after that will cost an extra $30.

A small price to become a quirky individual and envy/laughing stock among your friends. Definitely the latter if you pick the “Glamour” and “Diamond” colour combo (below).

Service is NA only.

"Oh! You have the new PS3 Sli ... Woah! What the hell is that?!"

"Oh! You have the new PS3 Sli ... Woah! What the hell is that?!"

Source: Via Technobob