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Sony say they were “late” with online support

Submitted by on Thursday, 3 September 20092 Comments

psn-logo-300x216Shuhei Yoshida, president of worldwide studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, believes that the company was “late” in bringing a proper integrated online experience for the PlayStation brand.

He has been speaking to Edge magazine where he admits that they have lagged behind Microsoft in developing the PlayStation Network:

I think we were late to offer the platform-level support, to make the online functionality work at that level. We made the prior decision that you do not introduce the common centralised network names into every experience, so publishers made their own.

Soon they realised that their previous approach was not going to work in the long term:

That was fine at the start, but as more and more games have online functionality you need a unified approach. So Microsoft took that approach in the last generation, and maybe that’s where people see the difference when they compare Xbox Live and PSN.

Yoshida explains that firmware 3.0 makes giant steps forward to improving the PlayStation Network but there is still room for improvement. He also won’t rule out the possibility of integrating social network sites like Facebook onto the PS3. Microsoft this year are adding Facebook and Twitter to their Xbox 360 and so the company will no doubt be keeping a close eye on how well those features are received by the public.

How about you? Does the prospect of social network sites being accessible directly from the XMB appeal to you?