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Sony Running Papa Johns Promotion

Submitted by on Friday, 18 September 20095 Comments

Papa_Johns_Front(1)Are you one of those gamers that likes to get your ‘munch’ on while playing your PS3?  If so, Sony now has you covered… assuming you like pizza.

Sony has been trying very hard to get the PS3 name out there in the past few weeks.  They’ve put out some good humor-filled commercials and they seem to really be driving the console home.

In a different kind of approach, Sony recently started advertising Papa John’s Pizza.  Not only can you find new adverts plastered all over, you can also find a quick link on the home page of your PS3 web browser.

Clicking on that link takes you right to Papa John’s website, where you can order the menu item of your choice right from the XMB.  You can even pay for your order and schedule delivery!

So what does this mean for you?  It means you can get even lazier and eat even more fattening food that’s probably not good for you, all without setting your controller down.

To be honest, this is something you’ve probably been able to do all along – although the adverts we’ve seen say the promo is ending on September 27 – but it’s nice to see Sony reaching out in a unique way.

Anyone have any thoughts on where Sony marketing goes from here?