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Sony pleased with PS3 Slim sales, “ahead of expectations” – UPDATED

Submitted by on Monday, 7 September 20095 Comments

PS3-UK-AdThe first details of the reception that the new PS3 Slim has received are starting to crawl in, and it’s good news.

According to Chart-Track, sales in the UK are eleven times higher last week than the one before. Granted, stock for the original PS3 was small and many gamers were waiting for the slimmer console, but this is still a massive achievement.

These sales for the slimmer PS3 were around three times higher than for either the Wii, DS or Xbox 360, that all had around the same amount of sales.

Unsurprisingly, Sony UK were very happy when they spoke to MCV:

The first week’s Chart-Track numbers for sales of the new PS3 were ahead of our expectations, so we were extremely pleased. A new price point and a new machine has proven a significant catalyst to help consumers make the move onto PS3. ¬†Our new advertising campaign, ‘The Game Is Just The Start’, is also demystifying the value proposition.

Certainly if you live in the UK, you should have noticed a lot of PlayStation 3 adverts as of late, which is good news and will no doubt be helping get the word around about the new console and price.

Furthermore in Japan, according to Famitsu, 150,252 units were sold in Japan for the week ending September 6th.

According to the sometimes inaccurate VGChartz, 250,000 PS3s were sold in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia last week, and around half that in America, although some retailers had started selling the slimmer console a week earlier.

We hope that this success will continue till Christmas and beyond!

Updated: September 9, 2009

MCV has revealed that around 40,000 PS3s were sold in the UK for that week.