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Super Street Fighter IV Screenshots

Submitted by on Monday, 28 September 2009One Comment

SSFIV_LogoThe game isn’t officially announced yet, but tons of new pics have surfaced showcasing two new characters!

Prepare to introduce yourselves to T. Hawk and Juri.

Anyone who is familiar with the Street Fighter series will know that revisions constantly come out and the fans eat them up. Street Fighter IV appears to be no exception to the rule. Numerous pictures have come out for ‘Super Street Fighter IV’ and they look great!


Bison welcomes Juri to SFIV with a kick to the crotch

A very obvious difference so far that we have noticed is that the Super Meter has been modified a bit. We can’t wait to see how Capcom handles the latest revision of Street Fighter IV. Will it be DLC? A new game? Both? Once more details are released, we will let you guys know!


Be prepared to see lots of this from T.Hawk

Expect an official announcement very soon. Until then, take a look at the new teaser site.

For more pictures, go to iplaywinner [the original source is down at the moment].


[Alt source]