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TGS09; Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 September 20096 Comments

final_fantasy_xivFinal Fantasy is known for its beautiful music and the newest trailer for FFXIV gives just that. Oh and it shows new footage of the game, too.

A closer look at the trailer reveals an interesting tidbit of what could be included in the game. Not only that, but news of a beta test might come sooner than later.

The new FFXIV trailer uses a mixture CG and in-game scenes to bring the world of Haiderin to life. The imagery in XIV should be quite familiar to those that have played Final Fantasy XI. Cat girls, humans, big hairy dudes, elves, and tiny kickable creatures should make players of XI feel very comfortable when making the transition to XIV.

About half way through the video, a scene with characters playing a card game is shown. This could mean that XIV and the card game are not separate applications like in the past.

For those unfamiliar, PlayOnline allows users to play Tetra Master from Final Fantasy IX online. However, Tetra Master and FFXI are separate applications. Not only that, but there is also an addition fee to play Tetra Master. Hopefully Square Enix gets rid of this tediousness and makes it all unified.

However, it may not be a card game at all and could be a part of the Guildleve system. Touted as the ability to ‘forge your own adventures’, Guidleves are basically quests that can be accepted from guildmasters. They also allow adventurers to use portals so they can swiftly travel through the region. [Thanks Redlac for the heads up on this gameplay mechanism]

Check out the video below and enjoy the beautiful music that Nobuo Uematsu has created for Final Fantasy XIV.

So how about that beta test? According to the trailer all you have to do is subscribe to the FFXIV newsletter for details. Of course, we don’t know when those details will be coming, but we’ll keep you posted!