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TGS09; Resident Evil 5 getting motion controls as well

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 September 20093 Comments

Resident Evil 5 GameplayLittleBigPlanet isn’t the only game to be getting the motion control treatment. Capcom’s popular Resident Evil 5 will also be gaining motion controls similar to the styles of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. Demoed on stage at the Sony press conference, Jun Takeuchi showed off the game using Sony’s new controller.

Players will use the Dual Shock 3 in one hand, using the trigger buttons to control firing. Using the motion wand in the other hand, you’ll be able to move and look about. If you are attacked ¬†and grabbed by a Manjini, you can wave the wand to shake the undead creature off.

While the idea of motion controlled Resident Evil 5 is pretty awesome, we can’t help but wonder about having to hold both the DS3 and wand in each hand, after all, the DS3 wasn’t designed for single-handed use.

Unlike LittleBigPlanet, we get the feeling that this will be a complete re-release of the game. Even the voice actress of Jill Valentine let is slip that Capcom was working on a Director’s Cut version of the game. Perhaps it’ll include the new control scheme along with the Versus DLC and extra content.