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Chapter completion tweets disabled on Uncharted 2

Submitted by on Tuesday, 29 September 20093 Comments

uncharted2tweetsNot so long ago we told you about Twitter support coming to the Uncharted 2. There was a mixed response from gamers on whether this was really a good or bad thing, or if they cared at all.

Well many reviewers playing the game already have been using the feature and whenever they complete a chapter, the system makes a tweet for them.

However, after some concern by gamers about the constant tweeting, Naughty Dog has now disabled the Twitter support for chapter completion.

Although Uncharted 2 will continue to tweet whenever you do certain activities such as unlock a trophy or jump into a multiplayer game, for the time being at least.

They say that they may reintroduce the feature in the future, so we will wait and see if that ever materialises.


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