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Want Trophies in Valkyria Chronicles? Let Sega know

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 September 20093 Comments

Valkyria ChroniclesWe’ve been fairly vocal of our support of Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles around these parts.

We’ve called it brilliant, a landmark title and probably the best RPG available on the PS3 at the moment. We’ve also been fairly ardent about the game getting a Trophy patch and we know there are a lot of people out there whose hearts skip a beat whenever Sega announced new DLC for the game.

Surely the next one (or the next one, or the next one) will contain those wonderful virtual trinkets. Well, we keep waiting and they keep failing to show up.

Commenting on the torrent of responses to a Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP) post over at the official blog where fervent fans of the original decided to hijack the thread and bark on about those missing Trophies once again, Sega’s Aaron Webber had something interesting to say about the now fabled Valkyria Chronicles update. And, guess what folks, it could happen.

Aaran states:

The more Valkyria (and DLC) sells, the easier it is for me to push that trophies are a much-needed addition to the game. At the same time, I personally think it can also be said that trophies themselves can boost game sales single-handedly.

I wouldn’t keep you guys hoping if it was impossible – I’m a fan of the game as well, and I don’t believe in stringing people along for things that might not happen.

If you do want to see trophies (and I know that’s a lot of you here), then please do keep an eye out. I’d like to organize all of your feedback together so I can show some people here at SEGA just how many fans out there want them. Numbers speak loudest!

We’ve contacted Aaron to see if we can assist in some sort of Great Trophy Campaign for Valkyria Chronicles. We love it that much.

We’ll keep you posted how you can make yourself heard and convince Sega that investing in a Trophy patch for the game will work out in everyone’s best interest. (That means you have to buy the DLC guys. Sorry, thems the rules.)