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VidZone team answer our prayers, new update available

Submitted by on Monday, 14 September 20095 Comments

VidZone_Update_1The VidZone team have been busy in their offices responding to all the feedback that they have received from the gaming community, including some of our own wishes.

A new update that is available right now adds a long list of improvements including support for the virtual keyboard – no more scrolling through each letter at a time at snails pace just to search for a Britney Spears song!

You can also search using an actual real life keyboard that you have purchased yourself, and because of this feature, you can enter characters too.

The actual searching time is said to have also improved too.

One of the heavy requests has been for full screen 16:9 support, and this has now become a reality with this update – Hoorah!

Many of you have noticed that commercials have been creeping up before every music video in some cases. Well this was a bug apparently, and so now with this patch only one advert should show every fifteen minutes. We would of course prefer if they never came up at all, but if it keeps the service free then it’s fine with us.

No your eyes are not fooling you!

No your eyes are not fooling you!

Other new features added include support for PlayStation Store purchases, for example for Rock Band. Additionally, the song you are listening to will now appear under your name on the friends list, but this can be disabled.

All music videos should now play at the same volume which is a blessing, the start up time for VidZone has been reduced, and the cache size has increased meaning less streaming which is good news for users with download limits. The settings menu has also been redesigned and includes new help screens.

As you can see, we weren’t lying when we said it was a big update. The decreased loading times at start up is brilliant because it could take around a minute sometimes before to load which was a huge pain, and the virtual keyboard is also long overdue.