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White Knight Chronicles; introduction to online

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 September 20092 Comments

White Knight Chronicles Online 2Level 5 and the PlayStation.Blog have teamed up to bring us the latest news regarding the online system of White Knight Chronicles. There will be three main components of the system; GeoNet, Georama, and Subquests, all of which will be available after the completion of Chapter 1.

GeoNet is the social networking component of online. Here, you can meet and converse with fellow players and continue on to subquests.

Georama gets creative by allowing you to build and develop your very own HomeTown that acts as a lobby. You can build a variety of structures and even invite NPCs from the game to inhabit your mini city. Not only will they bring liveliness to your town, but their skills as well. Up to 12 people can visit any town at once, and when we say any town, we mean it. Both North Americans and Europeans will be able to visit each other.

White Knight Chronicles Online

Using your personal avatar, you and a group of friends can embark on subquests. Completing these quests nets you guild points to build your rank, allowing you access to more quests and weapons. There will be 50 subquests at launch with more planned for in the future.

What would an online mode be without a method to communicate with your fellow adventurers? Voice Chat has been confirmed for the game as well as Rogue Galaxy’s Live Talk for NA and EU players, where characters will provide context-specific commentary during quests.