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Why Shane Acker’s 9 is LittleBigPlanet: The Movie

Submitted by on Sunday, 13 September 20094 Comments

LittleBigPlanet MovieShane Acker’s 9 tells the story of a post apocalyptic world where humanity has been destroyed and all that remains is a group of stitchpunks and the machines that hunt them. LittleBigPlanet features a cute little sack person as he traverses the world rescuing his friends and defeating the nasty creatures that roam about.

You might be wondering why this film would have anything to do with LittleBigPlanet.  That’s exactly what we’re going to tell you…

The similarities between the two are both obvious and more subtle. We’ll start with the most obvious; character design.

9 and Sackboy share similar visual characteristics, from the sackcloth material they are made out of, to the zipper going straight down the front. Unlike Sackboy though, we know what’s behind the zipper of 9. It’s interesting to note that of the nine different stitchpunks in the film, only 9 bears resemblance to Sackboy. The rest have some of the same features but ultimately look different. Despite having a voice, it’s his facial expressions that are mostly used to convey emotion, just like Sackboy.

Not only do 9 and Sackboy share similar visuals but there’s another pair in the making. Throughout the film, the stitchpunks are hounded by a cat-like beast with a skull for a head, a skull that looks very similar to that of Skulldozer from the Wedding level. Are these similarities just a coincidence? You be the judge.


Platforming is a major aspect of LittleBigPlanet and you’ll be surprised that it appears in 9 as well. If you watch the trailer closely, you can see bits and pieces of what we would call platforming. You’ll see 9 duck, jump, and scurry over moving conveyor belts all the while machinery is crashing down upon him. It’s only a matter of time before someone recreates these scenes in LBP too. All the materials are there and even some of the story levels demonstrate the scene.

Speaking of materials, 9 embodies the “Create” portion of Media Molecule’s Play, Create, Share ideology. The stitchpunks are creative little creatures, using whatever stuff they have lying around to create inventions, weapons, and entire simple machines. They can turn nothing into something, just as we do with “My Moon.”

Below are a few interesting tidbits regarding the pair:

  • LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition was released September 8, 2009; one day before the release of 9 in theaters.
  • The original short film came out in April 2005, over six months before Media Molecule was even formed.
  • It’s possible we could see a 9 video game in the future according to Acker.

While we doubt we’ll ever see LittleBigPlanet be made into a feature film, 9 is probably as similar as it’s going to get. Go watch the film and see for yourself. Maybe you’ll catch some other similarities that missed us. Be sure to report back and tell us your findings.