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Yakuza 3 localization possibility exists

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 September 20092 Comments

Yakuza 3Remember that story where SEGA stated that there were “no plans” to localize Yakuza 3? According to a comment left on the PlayStation Blog, the story was apparently false.

SEGA gave out huge news today by confirming that the possibility of the game being localized is actually very real.

Is SEGA just teasing the fans?

Thanks to a tip from Master_Happosai, here is the comment left on the PS Blog:

“UNCyrus – let me brighten your day first off by confirming something big:

Yakuza 3 is not cancelled – and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist.

The original news story that went around about Yakuza 3 being declined for the US was false, and localizing the game still remains a big point of discussion for many people here at SEGA, and especially those of us on SEGA’s community team.I know it’s far from an announcement, but I just felt you should know that the chance does still exist.

Thanks for supporting SEGA and quality games like Valkyria Chronicles – I’ll be around with more news on VC/VC2 soon!” – Aaron Webber, Assistant Community Manager for SEGA of America

While this is not an actual confirmation that the game will ever be localized, this does show that SEGA is interested. Perhaps the internet buzz that this comment creates will show SEGA that people will support this game just like they supported Valkyria Chronicles.

Would you buy Yakuza 3 if it were localized? Let us know!