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3D Dot Game Heroes is coming to North America!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 October 2009One Comment

3DDGH Sony has just let the news out that 3D Dot Game Heroes will be released in the US!

Excited? Of course you are!

This was an unexpected and short announcement via the official PlayStation twitter account:

No need to import – 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is DEFINITELY coming to NA! Spread the word, more to come.

For those that don’t know, 3D Dot Game Heroes is basically a love letter to old school gaming. From the loading screens, the music, to even the gameplay itself, the game is just piled with tons of references. There’s the obvious similarities to the Zelda franchise, the reference to Spelunker, and there is still more that has yet to be seen! It’s awesomeness overload. The unique visual style of pixel art done in 3D has captured our hearts, and will be well worth the wait.

3D SF heroes

Street Fighter II FTW!

3D Dot Game Heroes will be out in Japan on November 5th. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information is out regarding 3D Dot Game Heroes coming to the US.