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3D Dot Game Heroes Gameplay Footage: Where’s Zelda?

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 October 2009One Comment

3DDGHIt’s not like us to point out the obvious; we prefer to let our readers make up their own minds. But when it is as blatant as this, there has to be something bigger going on, surely?

We are, of course, speaking about the latest trailer for 3D Dot Game Heroes.

When it was first revealed, there were some eyebrows raised about the similarities between the stylised look and feel of the game, currently under development by From Software.

We assumed that this was the result of simply applying the standard formula for RPGs to the game and then drawing similarities between 3DDGH and the strongest RPG series (of this nature) in the world.

It seems, however, that we were wrong. Take a look at the latest trailer for the game and you can see a huge number of gameplay and story elements lifted directly from the Zelda universe.

For those who cannot be bothered going through 10 minutes of footage, here’s a quick run-down of the similarities:

  • Navi-like fairy and big sword stuck in a stone @ c.5:00. Cue dramatic music as hero pulls it out.
  • Dungeon looks very familiar to a number of earlier Zelda games, complete with baddies @ c.7:30. As does the boss fight.
  • Some of the equipment is identical to those wielded by Link. Example 1? Boomerang @ c.8:30
  • The world and levels, although stylised, look remarkably like any number of zelda games. Big fiery mountain, complete with boulders bouncing down at you? Check @ c.9:50.
  • More equipment pilfered from Zelda? Yeah why not. Check out the grapple thing @ c.10:10
  • The thrilling music that made Zelda so famous is even there. Throughout the whole trailer, the swelling soundtrack is continuously reminiscent of the Zelda games.

So now that we are apparently getting a game which has, erm, strong influences from the Zelda series, how should we react?

The truth is that we will not see a Zelda game on Sony’s machine. On any Sony machine. Ever.

This may be the best chance we get to play something even close to a Zelda game on any machine other than Nintendo’s. It looks like From Software has taken cues from the Zelda series, wrapped them in a novel graphical style and presented them as such.

Doubtless the devs knew that comparisons would be made. But when Zelda is one of the most successful RPGs around, surely such comparisons may encourage curious gamers to take a chance on this otherwise-unknown game?

A cunning marketing strategy, if you ask us. After all, we’re certainly tempted.

Are you? Let us know in the comments.