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AAA Shoot-out; why Ratchet & Clank Future 3 wins over Uncharted 2, others…

Submitted by on Friday, 30 October 20097 Comments

AAA-ShootoutA few weeks ago we told you why Uncharted 2 is the main contender for the top title of 2009. Sure, it might have a 96 Metacritic ranking, but does that truly make it the best?

Christmas is approaching faster than you realize and, with it being the video game industries biggest revenue source, some of the big AAA titles are guaranteed to make an appearance.

Naturally, we all can’t afford to purchase every game that comes out so in part two of our AAA Shoot-out we tell you why Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time should be the #1 stocking stuffer this year…

This week marked the release of A Crack in Time in North America with European editions hitting stores next week.

Ratchet & Clank have numbers on their side with nine games spawning across three different platforms, the PS2, PS3, and PSP. This November marks the seven year anniversary since the game’s first appearance on the PS2. The Ratchet & Clank series combine platforming elements with action to provide a sensational third person experience complete with unique characters and weapons.

They may be toys, but that doesn't make them any less cool.

They may be toys, but that doesn't make them any less cool.

That being said, Ratchet has become one of the iconic characters representing the PlayStation brand. Can that be said about any of the other games? Over the years, we’ve come to love our little Lombax friend and pint sized robot. We’ve explored tons of worlds and learned (and will continue to explore) their mysterious past and origins. They’re the best crime fighting duo since Batman and Robin. Besides, no one really liked Robin anyway.

Graphically, Ratchet & Clank rank up there with the big dogs. Every game Insomniac puts out is of the highest quality. They are the Pixar of the video game industry, always pushing the graphical limits of what’s possible. There is no doubt about it that the visuals for A Crack in Time are absolutely stunning.

Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time

Not even a 500 pixel wide picture does the game justice. Looks like you'll just have to play it for yourself.

Just from looking at the trailers, the detail in Ratchet and the environment is brilliant. You can even see individual hairs on Ratchet’s ears it’s that detailed. The surrounding environments pop with their brightly animated colors and are just waiting to be explored. Don’t forget that in this go around, we’ll be able to explore the very fabric of space and time.

Every great game needs an arsenal of fantastic weapons, right? Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time has some of the best/interesting weapons in video game history. Creative weapons such as the Groovatron, which makes your enemies dance before they are brought to an untimely death, or the Chimp-o-Matic which turns them into cute little monkeys, are littered throughout the game.

Let’s all not forget the RYNO either, which will be making an appearance in A Crack in Time as the RYNO V. This is one gun that will definitely “Rip You a New One.” Just watch the latest weapons trailer to see it in all its explosive glory.

Insomniac has gone one step above and beyond the competition to include a fan designed weapon in the game as well. The Spiral of Death was the winner of this contest that featured hundred of creatively designed weapons. Not many people can say they designed a weapon for a video game but this one lucky fan can.

If you’re still on the fence about the game, why not try one of the two demos available. One allows you to play as Ratchet while the other grants you control of Clank. Either way you choose, you’re going to have a blast.

Replayability is another huge factor in determining a AAA title. Both Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 have/will have fantastic online multiplayer action. While A Crack in Time doesn’t have any multiplayer, that doesn’t mean it has no replayability.

Aside from the vast openness of space to explore and collect the various amounts of Zoni, weapons upgrades and bolts,  there are specific areas unexplorable on the first run through. You’ll have to use Clanks ability to rewind time in order to gain access to these special item filled areas.

Let’s also not forget about the Insomniac Museum, which only becomes available after you have collected all the Zoni. Here, you’ll be able to explore all the secrets and behind the scenes footage from the development team. So just because a game is only single player doesn’t mean it doesn’t give you more bang for your buck.

Probably the most intresting museum you'll ever visit.

Probably the most intresting museum you'll ever visit.

Ratchet & Clank, humorous adventures and all, are no doubt top contenders. Their seven year history has proven that. The time and dedication to their fans show that Insomniac have a winner on their hands. Why not show some love back by getting this fantastic game?

Don’t think Ratchet & Clank are good enough to be on the list? Have another game in mind? Stay tuned for more AAA title games and drop us a comment telling us who you think should be top dog.