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Submitted by on Wednesday, 7 October 20097 Comments

amazon_psnThe PlayStation Store will no longer be the only place where you can buy the latest games from the PlayStation Network. Sony has announced today that will support the PS3 and PSP for digital content.

What does this mean for gamers?

Being able to get a digital code of a game from Amazon will allow users to purchase the game as a gift for someone. No longer would you have to get them voucher from a local electronics store.

Why get someone a PSN card when you can just directly send them the content that they wanted? shoppers will know that there are frequent deals given and they have applied to digital downloads for other services in the past. This could possibly allow users to get PSN games and content for a cheaper price, even at launch. Cheaper is always better right? You wouldn’t even have to wait for shipping. That is service right there!

Not only should this increase the ability for users to buy content for the PS3, but PSPgo owners should definitely breathe a sigh of relief knowing that games could end up being on sale. Have you been hoping that the PSN will price drop a specific game? Now you can put that hope onto Amazon as well! Yay for options!

What do you think? Will you purchase games and content for the PSN through Amazon?