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Bayonetta Demo Gameplay Video and Impressions

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 October 20095 Comments

bayonetta1The Bayonetta demo is now out in Japan and we have gameplay footage that shows off the first climax.

Is Bayonetta worth your time?

The Bayonetta demo is fairly straight forward and the content is minimal. There is a tutorial that tells you which buttons do all the cool stuff, and then there is the actual gameplay mission itself.

At the start of the demo we are introduced to our heroine with some cheesy music and an overly dramatic walk towards the camera. Oh boy. From this moment on, some talking is done and then we head straight to the gameplay. That’s the important part of the game, right?

One note to those playing the game for the first time: We highly recommend that you change the camera speed in the options menu. While in the options menu go down once, and then press X. Here you can change your camera inversions as well. The final option with the bar that says ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ modify the speed settings. The default is all the way at the minimum. The camera moves ridiculously slow and could give players a bad impression of the game if it becomes too frustrating, so definitely change it to a higher position.


Seems easy enough right? Not exactly...

Those familiar with Devil May Cry should be happy to know that Bayonetta plays somewhat similarly. The X button is used for jumping. The square button is for shooting Bayonetta’s gun. Triangle is the punch button, and circle is the kick button. Like most games in this genre, pressing a combination of the two buttons will result in different attacks. Just like in DMC, depending on the speed of the button presses, you can do different combos. When you are locked on ( Hold R1), holding a direction away or towards the enemy while pressing the kick or punch button will result in a different attack as well.

The interesting part of the gameplay comes from the variety of moves that the player is able to use. Holding the punch or kick button will result in doing an attack which then leads to shooting bullets non-stop. Rotating the left analog stick in a circle while pressing the kick or punch button will do a cool looking move. This move can actually be expanded on by moving the LS to the left and right in a back and forth motion while pressing punch or kick. It takes some practice, but it becomes easy to do after a few tries.

With the press of the L2 button, you can actually switch to using a sword. Just like in NGS2, if you hold the triangle button with the sword equipped, you can do a multi-level charge attack to destroy enemies. The R2 button is used to evade attacks. Not only can you evade on the ground, but you can in the air as well. Evasions can also lead to a gameplay mechanism where time slows down, which allows you to really start unleashing the pain.


So this is what they call 'torture' nowadays?

There is also an ability to do a ‘torture attack’ where the enemy is just completely decimated in the most gruesome and over the top way. It’s pretty damn cool and all you have to do is press the triangle and circle button together. Depending on the enemy, the torture can also lead to somewhat of a quick time event. During a sequence there will be a prompt where you have to keep pressing the square button as fast as possible to get as many points as you can.

The gameplay doesn’t stop there either! Bayonetta also can pick up weapons from the ground (like axes and staffs) and use those against the enemy. Is there anything this woman can’t do? We don’t think so.  Her costume is her hair, she can attack with it, and she can create a dragon looking demon with it. That’s freaking hot! She even has a button dedicated to taunting. Seriously.

In the video at the top, you will notice that so much happens on screen. The camera also seems to be zoomed out a tiny bit too far. The scenery can sometimes get in the way and cause the player to lose track of where they are at. Even if you know where Bayonetta is, you could just get lost in the crazy amounts of flashy action going on. It’s a flaw that can be more of an annoyance than a gamebreaker.


The hair is alive!

The Bayonetta demo, despite being only around 10 minutes long, really goes all out to surprise the player. While playing the demo it is hard to not say “oh my god, what is going to happen next?!”, and that’s a really nice feeling to have for a game like this.

At one part of the demo an enemy appears and breaks the bridge that Bayonetta is standing on. In this sequence the creature is shaking and swinging the bridge around while the player has to fight for their life. Then the enemy just gets frustrated and launches the bridge across the level. The action just never ends, and this is just Chapter 1 of the game.

Bayonetta is a bit reminiscent of old school beat ’em up titles. Weapons that you can pick up have their own health meter, tons of crazy action going on, and lots of fun throughout. The game doesn’t take itself seriously, nor does it have to. Although we do have to question if the story will actually be good. Although if Ninja Gaiden can get away with its story, Bayonetta should be tolerable as well. This is provided that you can skip scenes to ease any possible pain.

Based on the demo it seems like Bayonetta is a solid title for fans of the genre. It would be nice if the camera could be zoomed in just a tiny bit, and hopefully the default camera speed will be increased as well. The gameplay is very fluid, albeit confusing at times. We highly recommend going through the tutorial just to try out all the combos as they are quite cool looking.

Have you played the demo? What do you think?