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Critter Crunch To NA “Puke ya tomorrow”; Critter Crunch To EU “Puke ya later”

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 October 2009No Comment

Critter_Crunch_PukeYou read that right.  North America is next in line for a puke-a-thon of the most adorable proportions; and it will only cost you $6.99 American/Canadian.  Europe is promised the same ‘I can’t believe I’m playing a puking game’ experience at a fair pricing, but at a later date.

For the unaware and/or slightly grossed out readers out there, Critter Crunch is not really about puking.  Critter Crunch is about force feeding critters until they explode, thus releasing their juicy innards for the protagonist Biggs to eat.  Then he pukes it to feed his offspring.

Well, it is somewhat about puking.  But it’s so damn cute you’ll wish you were the recipient of that rainbow-y regurgitation.  You’re right, maybe not, but you’ll want to play it anyway.  That’s a fact.

The good folks at Capy Games stopped by the European PSBlog to let the European community know that even though they won’t get the game tomorrow, they’ll get it soon.  How soon?  Capy Games’ Creative Director Kris Piotrowski said it best:

as soon as it’s translated into all of your beautiful non-English languages that make everything we’ve written sound so much more appetizing.

Hmm, appetizing indeed.  Although some Europeans were pretty bummed about not being able to get their ‘Crunch on’ tomorrow, the Capy Crew are determined to really earn your Euros sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here’s some seething material for you in the form of a video.  Enjoy.