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(About Damn) Trine Coming To North America This Week

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 October 2009No Comment

TrineIt took a while, but Trine is finally hitting the Americas of the Northern persuasion this Thursday.  Why the delay?  You are asking the wrong people buddy.

Even if you ask the right people, say Nobilis’ Product Manager Olivier Vermillie for example, all you would get is a big fat “sorry folks”.  At least that’s what 120+ people got from Nobilis over at the PlayStation.Blog.

Last minute bugs ate my release date aside, the Nobilian team has high hopes that demand for Trine will be alive and well come this Thursday October 22nd.  Europeans have had Trine for more than a month now and, if metacritic scores are to be believed, there’s nothing but love for it.

Trine seems like a winner on paper; 2D gameplay with 3D graphics, action/platformer/physics puzzle game, gorgeous graphics, brilliant music, offline co-op and a platinum trophy to boot!  To put things in perspective, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Episode 1 matched the price, forgot about the quality and had none of the platinum.

But enough about our derision of rushed movie tie-ins, watch the video below to get re-acquainted with Trine and then decide for yourself.

Did you decide already North Americans?  Europeans, is it really worth it?