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Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary; You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 October 2009One Comment

Dante's Inferno AngerThe latest developer diary from Dante’s Inferno explores the fifth circle of Hell or Anger. Here, Dante will unleash all his fury and might against the hordes of the underworld using Death’s trusty scythe and his holy cross. Nothing beats slaying demons in the name of the Lord.

This particular developer diary focuses on the weapons that Dante will have at his disposal including the many faces of the scythe and some of the more unnatural powers he’ll posses, both good and evil.

While most of your decimation will come from Death’s blade, you’ll use the cross to push back enemies or stun them as you prepare for an attack. Using the two in tandem is a key element of the game.

The quote of the day comes from Lead Designer, Steve Desilets, when discussing the frame rate of the game. “Sixty feels free, it feels fluid. Thirty feels like your drunk.” Awesome!