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Fancy A PS3 Laptop?

Submitted by on Friday, 2 October 20092 Comments

BHLTBen Heck, famous for his laptop-ification, has taken his talents to task on the PS3 Slim.

Not only that, he has created what is quite possibly the neatest, most viable product re-design we have seen in quite some time.

Now, obviously, we are not saying that anyone should take a screwdriver and soldering iron to the lovely black box nestled under your TV: not only would that void any warranty you may have – it would also anger the poor thing, leaving it grumpy and upset.

So leaving the modifications to someone who knows what they are doing is probably best.

But looking at the results of Ben’s labours, you have to take your hat off to him: He has done an excellent job. Compared to what he has achieved with the likes of the X360-Laptop hybrid, this is in a league of its own, and shows that Ben is getting better and better at this sort of thing.


Take a look at the video and pics; would you buy a portable PS3 if it were as slinky, sexy and cool as this?