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It’s Halloween in PlayStation Home, plus some great bonus content

Submitted by on Thursday, 29 October 2009One Comment

wolf_homeThere will be no Homerun this week but there is still some PlayStation Home content that needs a mention.

Europe gets all the content today for a change and it’s worth having a look at.

First of all, to celebrate Halloween there are five costumes available forĀ purchaseĀ from the Shopping Centre. Not only will you be able to “scare” your mates, you will be entitled to a special prize by jumping on a big red button in the Burn Zombie Burn space.

A special party is being held in the space on the 31st between six and eight pm BST so remember to put that in your diary!

To celebrate the Home camera (and the new PSP), Sony are launching a storyboard competition at the event where gamers should supply five images with captions and upload them to the EU PlayStation Blog’s Flickr. The five best will be displayed in the Home Square for users to vote on. The winner will recieve a brand new PSPgo!

But that’s not all. The new Tekken 6 space that was launched last week in North America is here. There’s minimal to say about this space other than it’s little more than a game launching centre with a non-useable gym.

Finally we are told to keep our eyes on the EU Blog for details on a special event coming soon in Home, and from the screenshots it looks very PSPgo related!

Have a guess on what this could all be about...

Have a guess on what this could all be about...