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The Homerun – 8th October 09; Motorstorm, PixelJunk and Wolverine

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 October 20092 Comments

New_HomerunWelcome to this week’s Homerun that will cover the new PlayStation Home content updates including what we think of them.

Last week we saw the release of a new update, version 1.3, and it has been well received by gamers. This week we see content that complements the big patch.

First of all, a new camera is available for free to everyone!

That’s right, Sony have passed at charging you a ridiculous amount of money and opted to give it away for nothing. The camera can be used to take pictures in 1st or 3rd person, and all photos will be saved onto the HDD – no more taking pictures of the TV with a real camera!

You can do what you like with the pictures, such as upload them to Flickr or send them to your friends.

Awhile ago we saw the release of the Motorstorm Sphere space that showcased trailers and posters for games in the series. This place has now been removed, but in its place is a desert hideaway personal space featuring a caravan and a view of the racing festival in the original game.

It is a very unique space that we have been waiting for a long time now, and will be inspiration for other personal places based on PS3 games.

Check out the video below before putting forward any money:

Fancy a bit of PixelJunk magic in PlayStation Home? North America has got this PixelJunk Museum space that was first released in Japan. It is quite extensive and you can explore content related to every game in the series.

You North American users can also now dress in your favourite NFL team’s jerseys in PlayStation Home to help support your side in the virtual world.

It’s a good idea and mirrors the release of Arsenal kits that we have seen in European Home before, although we would like to see complete team outfits one day too.

There is also a lot of furniture and clothing for North Americans such as ones to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceedings will go to the Brees Dream Foundation. We are obviously big charity funding fans here at Attitude towers so we urge you to take this opportunity to buy the clothing to help cancer research and awareness.

Meanwhile, the content for Europe in addition to the Motorstorm 2 personal space is as follows: In the Threads store this week are a pair of free Wolverine claws alongside the release of the movie onto Blu-ray and DVD.

Don't mess with the man with claws

Don't mess with the man with claws

We are sure they will be very popular but please, be careful where you stick those things!

Finally the Resident Evil 5 space is also getting updated with a new mini-game. This is the same update that we saw for North America awhile ago, and makes the space even more populated with things to do.

Additionally, there is a lot of new clothing including MySoti t-shirts and all sorts for the V-Store.

Unfortunately Sony has delayed the release of content for Europe until Friday so for now you will just have to play some games, or carry on reading PS3 Attitude!

So there we are for another Homerun article, some good content available this week and we are pleased to see the release of the free camera that should make going into Home a little more interesting.