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The Homerun – 22nd October 09; Uncharted 2, Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 October 20092 Comments

PS3A_HomerunA warm welcome to another Homerun this week with lots of news and views on the new content to arrive for PlayStation Home.

There is a ton of new things arriving on Friday – yes that’s right a day late –  so we’ll go straight into it shall we?

The big news is that the Uncharted 2 space will be arriving in both North America and Europe, and comes with a total of three mini-games, as well as a lush view of Nepal.

It feels like we have been waiting a long time for this one, after all European gamers have never seen the space for the first game, but from what we see, this one is a lot better!

Here is a quick run-through of what to expect:

The EU PlayStation Blog also has a collection of screenshots that will get you hyped up in anticipation. The space will be a good complement to the fantastic game that if you don’t already own, we greatly recommend buying it as soon as possible.

Sony have been really pushing getting these spaces for their own games after we saw one for Ratchet and Clank not so long ago, and hopefully they will keep this trend up.

European gamers are also getting treated to some exclusive personal apartments.


A house that floats... whatever next!

The Pirate Galleon has been created by nDreams, the makers of Xi, and features a cool “Man the Cannon” game where you must shoot at enemy ships between admiring the views and sitting on a sofa.

The range of personal spaces are really getting very unique and it’s something we like to see as it keeps PlayStation Home interesting and even more unique.

What could be safer than a house with gallons of water behind you?

What could be safer than a house with gallons of water behind you?

The second exclusive apartment is a hideout in a dam, perfect for aspiring Dr Evils or other equivalent movie nasty men.

In addition to this content, both European and North America gamers will get the City Penthouse – a room with a view! This space was previously taken down after it had some bugs that Sony overlooked the first time, and so fingers-crossed all is well this time around.

But that’s not all. North America are also getting treated to some exclusive spaces in the form of Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV public arenas. We have not had the chance to have a look at these yet as there is no visual material to study, so you will just have to take a look for yourselves tomorrow!

These will be the perfect places to organise matches with other Home users for the games.

Finally, both regions will be getting even more Street Fighter IV outfits – we didn’t think we would be seeing anymore.

So as you can see, someone has been very busy! The highlight will have to be the Uncharted 2 space where you can compete against other users in up to three different games, and possibly see your name on the large leaderboard – you’re own fifteen minutes of fame!