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Invade Kennedy Space Center Thanks To Planet 51

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 October 2009No Comment

ScreenshotYou read that right; train like a real astronaut in Kennedy Space Center and play as a clueless one in SEGA’s Planet 51 The Videogame.

And the best part of it all?  You don’t even have to pre-order, buy, or even like the Planet 51 movie or game to enter the sweepstakes.  But lying about loving both the game and the movie must be in one of the sweepstake’s rules.  So how exactly do you throw your name into the hat?

Even though we got rejected from every space camp we applied to (pesky psychological tests), we can all get in the sweepstakes totally and completely free.  Just get a free SEGA pass account and then enter the sweepstakes here, effectively bypassing awkward physicals and tricky psych testing.

SEGA of America and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will make one hopeful boy, girl, or slightly embarrassed grown man’s dream of being an astronaut come true.  For a couple of days.  On earth.  In a simulator.  Cool!

This is only for the US and its territories, so your other option is to try to get one of your buddies to one of these days hit you right in the kisser and send you straight to the moon.  Is anyone else besides our resident trophy whore excited about Planet 51 The Game?