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Incoming Call: PlayTV Update brings mobile TV?

Submitted by on Monday, 26 October 20094 Comments

playtv_logoIf you happen to own the black box of tricks that is PlayTV, you might want to check the most recent update.

The 24 MB update takes the tally up to 1.21 and adds a few rather nice features.

And one particularly AWESOME feature…

The full list of changes is below.

  • Support for Australian Digital TV
  • Watch, Pause and Record High Definition TV
  • Multichannel Audio Playback
  • Improved Remote Play usability
  • Better Standard Definition Upscaling
  • Requirement for System Software 3.0
  • Support for Mobile Phone Remote Play

Yes… you read that right – stream PlayTV to your mobile, presumably swanky new Sony Ericsson numbers like the Anio or Satio. Whether it allows only live TV streaming or recorded programmes also,¬†we should be able to comment on how well this works very soon.

The update to the sound is also a welcome feature – multichannel is always welcome for the audiophiles out there.

The only thing that has us slightly stumped is the ‘Requirement for System Software 3.0’ line – it just seems a bit of an odd update to include.

Anyway: Go. Download. Observe. Return. Comment.

…In that order.