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Tekken 6 Launch Trailers

Submitted by on Friday, 16 October 2009One Comment

Devil JinApparently Tekken 6 is too much to contain and just one trailer will not do it justice. Namco has provided two launch trailers and a launch teaser for your viewing pleasure.

Tekken is back and ready for the next battle. Are you?

With the release of Tekken 6 just about two weeks away, there’s a massive amount of hype for the title. On twitter there are giveaways, on facebook there is an app to win prizes, and now tons of video footage is coming from everywhere.

Starting next week, the Tekken 6 commercial will also be hitting TV networks. After such a long wait for the game it seems so overwhelming that this is happening all at once.

Tekken 6 features 40 characters, a new scenario mode, and online multiplayer. Just like in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, you can customize your characters to your liking. In Tekken 6 the customizations are brought to a whole new level with even more variety and designs to choose from.

Users of PlayStation Home will be happy to know that Tekken 6 supports game launching, home unlockables, and it will be getting it’s own game space. Maybe a fighting game event should take place in Home to see which franchise has more support. Street Fighter IV homies vs Tekken 6 homies, what do you guys think?

We put all three trailers into a playlist so it is easier to view. Just click on the video you want to see on the screen below, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Namco’s latest fighting game.

Tekken 6 releases on Oct. 27th in the US, on the 29th in JPN, and on the 30th in EU. Don’t forget that you can buy Tekken 6 with a wireless arcade stick that contains some extra goodies as well.