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AAA Shoot-out; why Uncharted 2 wins over MW2, others…

Submitted by on Tuesday, 13 October 20092 Comments

Uncharted2-winsHello dear readers, and welcome to the first of a very special series of articles.

Remember back in the misty days following the release of the PS3, we were all looking for those elusive triple-A titles? There were some great launch titles, sure. But very few ‘AAA’ ones.

Now it seems that there is rarely a month that goes by without some sort of massive release. As we come careening towards Christmas and crashing into 2010, this trend looks set to skyrocket. We don’t know about you, but we certainly won’t be able to afford all the big releases on day one.

So what’s a gamer to do when forced to choose just one blockbuster from the myriad options coming out over the next few months?

Join me as I put my case forward for what will – without question – be hailed as the best game of the year and the sequel to one of my all-time favourite games ever

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves releases today in the USA and on the 16th of October in the EU.

I’ve followed the game religiously, from the (completely expected) announcement confirming Nathan Drake would be in another adventure, to the most recent open multiplayer Beta – designed to stress-test the servers in advance of release.

We all know that this game is going to push the PS3 architecture further than almost every other game to date (and even for the foreseeable future).

The geniuses over at Naughty Dog are familiar with exactly what they can achieve with Sony’s wonderbox, thanks to their work on the prequel – still hailed as one of the best games available on the PS3.

Most importantly, they are aware of just how successful the original game was; they have a great deal of expectation resting on their collective shoulders.

The graphics for the second Nathan Drake adventure are sublime, even being compared to the incredible detail of Crysis. Naturally, the graphics that a £250 games console can pump out are unlikely to ever compete with a £2,000 dedicated PC, but the very fact that these games were compared infers a very strong statement.

Smooth animation, incredible detail, vivid colours and phenomenal backdrops all combine to create a game that can only be described as utterly breathtaking. No amount of superlatives can cover just how impressive this game really is.

Just play it.


Rickety bridge? Pesky bad guys? Interesting combination...

That’s the message that almost every review is sending out to the public, and I would have to agree.

Not only does the game ensure a truly immersive single player experience, Naughty Dog have also gone to great pains to create a multiplayer aspect which promises to continue to give hours of entertainment long after the snow has melted on the single player story.

Considering the heritage of the original game, this was a massive gamble for ND. They have taken on board a lot of feedback from both the early beta and original game and have put everything they could into providing the best possible experience they could.

The most interesting aspect of the U2:AT multiplayer mode has been that I have found that – for the first time ever in an online environment – I actually care about the character representing me. I find myself catching my breath when I’m making a jump that I might not reach. I get frustrated when I get shot carting treasure back to a pick-up point.

That is something that has always eluded me in terms of enthralling online experiences. Granted that might just be me but if that is the case, it says a lot that this is the first time I have had that sort of experience online. I’ve not been the biggest fan of online multiplayer games, after all.

…Just ask Brodiesan!


Either single- or multiplayer holds a great deal of tension

From the careful integration of trophies earned in Uncharted I, to a number of prominent game gurus stating that Uncharted 2 is incredible, there is little doubt that U2:AT is something more than a little bit special.

There’s tangible excitement among gamers when Uncharted 2 is brought up in conversation. Even people who own other consoles are intrigued – if not jealous – regarding what they have seen of the game so far.

Key to the success of this game over, say, Modern Warfare 2 is the fact that it is only available on the PlayStation 3*. Multiplatform releases almost always result in, for example, the pixel counting that infuriates even the industry itself.

Uncharted 2 is unique to the PS3. That alone is a powerful thing.

And it isn’t just a re-tread, or more of the same, either. Uncharted 2 seems to be covering virgin territory; Naughty Dog haven’t simply re-designed what was already there. There have been major changes to the close combat system, for example. The graphics have had an overhaul. Multiplayer has been added.

This is a complete overhaul of the original, taken to its roots, regrown with super-strength fertiliser, pruned back in weak spots and encouraged to grow in completely new areas. Uncharted 2 is 300 years of selective breeding condensed into one generation.

I for one couldn’t be more excited.

And in about a week, everyone will realise why.


Three words for ya; Only. On. PlayStation... Yeah baby!

Keep coming back to see what other games are in the running for being our Most Wanted Game, which you guys will ultimately decide. In the meantime, feel free to agree with me in the comments below.

*Let’s face it, an ancient dagger replica is far better than any stupid night-vision goggles…