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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune motion comic released

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 October 20094 Comments

uncharted comicThis is a bit of a surprise, but a very welcomed one! IGN has just posted a motion comic version of the original Uncharted’s opening sequence!

You know what the cool thing is? This isn’t even the motion comic that is releasing Thursday on the PSN, it’s a different one!

El “God Damn” Dorado!

The contents of this motion comic shouldn’t be new to anyone that has played Drake’s Fortune. The story, characters, and the voice work are all based on the original game. Of course, the artwork and the lack of  gameplay is an obvious difference. It’s still worth watching the four minutes of footage though, and it might even make you want to play Drake’s Fortune in the process.

So what about Thursday, you ask? According to IGN, here is what’s going down in the prequel:

The story will follow Drake as he teams up with a Daniel Pinkerton, an American who has become a big bad criminal in Indonesia. Now, Drake usually doesn’t team with the really bad guys, but in this prequel he’s trying to save up the money to raise Sir Francis Drake’s casket. He’s desperate and willing to do what he has to, according to Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog co-lead game designer and the writer of these Motion Comics.

It has also been revealed that the first of four issues will be free. To watch the rest you are going to have to wait until the end of November. Yeah, so how much is this going to cost? There will be a bundle for $2.49 containing all of the episodes. Not a bad price for about five minutes worth of Uncharted awesomeness in each comic. No word on how much an individual episode is going to be, but it’s not like that matters much. There is also no word on an European release. Sorry guys!

Be sure to check IGN’s article for more information.

[IGN: The Uncharted Comic First Look]