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15 Reasons to Own a PS3; Sony’s new marketing campaign

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 November 20095 Comments

15 ReasonsAre you still on the fence about owning a PS3? Sony has launched a new European marketing campaign highlighting 15 reasons to own a PS3. The online ads stars Camilla in short clips as she runs down all 15 reasons to own a PS3. Let’s have a look…

Games, music, TV and Blu-ray are just a few of the reasons why you should own a PS3. Obviously those of us who already own the system are going to be aware of these so while there’s nothing new, it’s still enjoyable to watch. Our favorite is the Games video in which she goes on a Killzone 2 killing spree with a invisible machine gun.

In addition, there some mini-games to play. There’s a Singstar rhythm game where you make Camilla sing and a very weird music making game that Camilla reacts to. Try them both out.

With pictures and interactive menus, is a nice little time waster, even if you already own a PS3. Check it out for yourself.