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The Beatles Rock Band – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Monday, 2 November 20092 Comments

Beatles Rock BandThe Beatles are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands in this history of music, with their albums selling millions worldwide. It comes as no surprise that MTV Games and Electronic Arts would use their popular Rock Band series to dedicate a game solely to the group.

The Beatles: Rock Band is the ultimate tribute to a band that many of us have grown with and continues to influence us today. Featuring 45 songs across 12 albums, the game is a must buy for any Beatles fanatic.

Gameplay remains relatively the same as it has in previous Rock Band editions. Players attempt to hit the corresponding notes as they scroll by or match the tone of the vocals for those using the mics. There are a few slight changes to make the game more Beatles friendly. Overdrive has been replaced by Beatlemania for instance, although it has the same effect. Many of the visuals have been redone to give the game a more 60s vibe.

The biggest addition to the game is the allowance of up to six players with support for three microphones. Not all songs have three part harmonies, with some only having two. This is indicated by a circled number in the song selection menu so you know what to expect before going in.

Beatles Rock Band Gameplay

The Beatles Rock Band included a variety of gameplay modes, both locally and online. Story mode follows the career of the Beatles, from their small beginnings in hole in the wall joints, all the way up to the iconic Abby Road recording studio.

As you progress through their career, you unlock real life photographs that reveal little tidbits of information about the band. Earning a specific number of these unlocks certain prizes such as the entire 1963 Beatles Christmas Record. For any Beatles fanatic, these collectables are a fantastic look into the rock revolution they were.

Each chapter in the story takes place in a different venue playing the songs from that era. One of the most exotic and interesting venues is the Abby Road dreamscapes. Rather than watch the group sit and record, this venue changes depending on the song being played. It becomes a visual representation of the song you’re listening to. Each song has a different effect on the venue so there’s this urge to play them all, just to see how the background will react. The colors, the clothes, everything is reminiscent of a time where the Beatles were king.

Beatles Rock Band Dreamscapes

In addition to Story mode, there are multiple challenges to tackle that become unlocked as you progress. In reality, they aren’t challenges at all but simply an extended playlist of each venue in Story mode. Each challenge requires you to play through each venue and their respective songs in one sitting, aiming for the highest score and star count. It’s quite repetitive, especially if you just completed Story mode.

Competitive modes include “Tug of War” and “Score Duel” from previous games. In addition, both Quickplay and Story mode are possible to play online with others.

Truthfully, The Beatles Rock Band doesn’t bring anything new to the music rhythm genre but goes with what has worked for the past games in the Rock Band series. If you’re a fan of the Beatles then this is no doubt the game for you, if simply for the pure nostalgic feelings it provides. Their music is some of the best around and even if you’re not playing a real guitar or banging on real drums, you still feel like part of the band.